Some of our Clients are…

We have worked with a broad range of clients over the past 25+ years from many different industries, including healthcare and governmental agencies.  Some our client are:

A   Childs Place Case   Assessment & Management web application using PHP/MySql & Volunteer/Contact Management Database using Microsoft Access
Duke   Energy Rate Department -Commission Inquiry Database System
Lake   Services- FERC Reporting & Permit Management System, system conversion from Lotus Notes
Gaston   Family Health Services Document   Management web application
Data   Analysis for UDS & CCME Reporting
PFS   Corporation Developed   Worktrac program to automate the approval of engineering plans
North   Carolina Department of Insurance Manufactured   Housing – License Management Database System using Microsoft Access
Qualification   Board – License Management Database System using Microsoft Access
Home   Inspector Licensure Board – License Renewal Web Application
Continuing   Education Web Application
TransAmerica   Reinsurance Human   Resources Employee Management web application
Winthrop   University: Faculty   Management web application
Alumni   Database & Scholarship Auction Database using Microsoft Access